Wednesday, May 27, 2020

TIBCO EMS - JMS Message Structure

JMS Messages have a standard structure. This structure includes the following sections :

     Header (required)
     Properties (optional)
     Body (optional)

  JMS Message Structure

Header (Required) :

    The Header contians 10 predefined fields that contain values used to route and deliver messages.

JMSDestination On which message to be sent
JMSExpiration Time that message will live before expiration
JMSPriority Message Priority(0-9) - Larger number represents High Pripority
JMSMessageID Uniquely identifies each message
JMSCorrelationID Used to link response message to a request message
JMSReplyTo On which a message reply should be sent
JMSRedelivered If it is set, The message was delivered to the client earlier but not acknowledged at that time

Properties (Optional) :

    The JMS specification describes the JMS message properties. TIBCO specific property names begin with JMS_TIBCO. Client applications may use below properties specific to TIBCO to access EMS features.

JMS_TIBCO_COMPRESS Allow messages to be compressed for more efficient storage
JMS_TIBCO_MSG_TRACE Message should be traced from producer to consumer
JMS_TIBCO_PRESERVE_UNDELIVERED If message expires (or) value of maxRedelivery property exceeds - if it is set to true, the server moves the message to undelivered message queue, $sys.undelivered
JMS_TIBCO_SENDER Contains username of the sender

Body (Optional) :

    A JMS message has one of several types of message bodies, or no message body at all like below :

Message This message type has no body. This is useful for simple event notification.
TextMessage Simple Java String Object/Message.
MapMessage A set of Name/Value pairs. The names are Java String objects and values are primitive value types.
BytesMessage A stream of uninterrupted bytes.
StreamMessage A stream of primitive values in the Java programming language.
ObjectMessage A serializable object constructed in Java programming language.

Follow this link to get the overview of TIBCO EMS

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