Thursday, May 28, 2020

TIBCO EMS Bridges Overview

   Some applications require the same message to be sent to more than one destination, possibly of different types. For example, an application may send messages to a queue for distributed load balancing. That same application, however may also need the messages to be published to other application (or) to a database for backup and for data mining, this can be achieved by using bridges.

   Bridges are not transitive. That is messages sent to a destination with a bridge are only delivered to the specified bridged destinations and are not delivered across multiple bridges.

Example : Topic A is bridged to queue B and B is bridged to topic C, message sent on A will reach to B but not to C.

We look at below example to create bridge between topic and two queues as follows :

-->create topic - TestTopic

create topic TestTopic

-->Create two queues - TestQueue1, TestQueue2

create queue TestQueue1
create queue TestQueue2

-->Create bridge between topic(TestTopic) and two queues(TestQueue1, TestQueue2)


create bridge source=<<destinationType>>:<<destinationName>>
target=<<destinationType>>:<<destinationToBridgeTo>> selector="messageSelector[Optional]"

create bridge source=topic:TestTopic target=queue:TestQueue1
create bridge source=topic:TestTopic target=queue:TestQueue2

-->You can view the topic and can observe bridge is created with two queues.

show topic TestTopic

-->We create three sample BW processes, one is to publish the message on to topic(TestTopic) and other two processes are to receive queue messages on both queues (TestQueue1, TestQueue2).

-->Now you load three processes in designer test mode and create job for topic publisher process, and can see the same message is received by other two queue receiver processes as follows.

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