Thursday, May 28, 2020

How to Secure EMS Destinations

  By default all authenticated EMS users have permissions to perform any action on any topic or queue. You can set the secure property on a topic or queue and then use the grant topic or grant queue command to specify which users and/or groups are allowed to perform which actions on the destination.

You can follow the below steps to secure the destination :

--> To secure destinations, make sure you to enable authorization at EMS server level, open EMS Administration tool and run below command --

set server authorization=enabled

--> create destinations(queues) with secure property

create queue SecQueue secure

--> create user

create user TechsNib "TechsNib User" password=TechsNib

--> grant permissions to user on secure destination

grant queue SecQueue TechsNib send,receive

--> Share user and destination details with client application to send and recevie messages on secure destination.

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