Wednesday, May 27, 2020

EMS - Restrict To Create Dynamic Destination (Queue or Topic)

  We can use wildcards when specifying statically created destinations in queues.conf and topics.conf. The use of wildcards in destination names can be used to define "parent" and "child" destination relationships, where the child destinations inherit the properties and permissions from its parents.

  We use two different types of wildcards ">" and "*", we need to understand the usage of these wildcards.

 The wildcard > matches any destination name.

 When > is mixed with text, it matches one or more trailing elements.

  Example: foo.>

        Matches,, and

 The wildcard * means that any token can be in the place of *.

  Example: foo.*

        Matches and but not


        Matches but not

 To avoid dynamic destination(queue or topic) creation, remove '>' symbol from queues.conf (for queues) and topics.conf (for topics) files and restart the EMS server to reflect the changes.

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