Thursday, December 27, 2018

Configuring TIBCO Hawk for EMS - To Monitor Queues, Topics

    We can use TIBCO Hawk to administer and monitor the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS) server. TIBCO Hawk EMS microagent enables TIBCO Hawk to monitor and manage EMS servers.

    When installing TIBCO Hawk, if "Adapters and Plug-ins" option is selected, then installer installs the hawkemsadmin.hma file.
This file is installed in the <<TIBCO_HOME>>/hawk/<version>/plugin/ems folder and it is used by TIBCO Hawk EMS microagent.

Follow the below steps to configure EMS microagent plug-in :

STEP-1 : Before configuring microagent, make sure that EMS server is up and running. To start EMS server, follow link.

STEP-2 : Copy the hawkemsadmin.hma file from <<TIBCO_HOME>>/hawk/<version>/plugin/ems to <<CONFIG_FOLDER>>/hawk/plugin folder.

STEP-3 : Edit <<CONFIG_FOLDER>>/hawk/plugin/hawkemsadmin.hma file with below list of changes.

i) Specify the Hawk microagent class you wish to use in the <classname> element. EMS has provided below two different classes which are used to monitor the server. We are using the default configuration with HawkController class.

HawkListener  - This class is used only if you want to monitor the server.
HawkController - This class is used if you wan to do both monitor and manage the server.

ii) Specify the username, password and server URL to use to connect to the TIBCO EMS server in the appropriate tags.

STEP-4 : Edit and update the Hawk microagent plug-in directory location in hawkagent.cfg file located in <<TRA_HOME>>\domain\<<DOMAIN_NAME>> folder is as follows :

Update entry : hma_plugin_dir <<CONFIG_FOLDER>>/hawk/plugin

  Make sure that same hawkagent.cfg file is configured in the "hawkagent_<<DOMAIN_NAME>>.tra" file as this config is used while restarting the Hawk Agent.

STEP-5 : Restart the Hawk Agent.

In Windows, Navigate to and start the Hawk Agent as follows:

STEP-6 : Open the Hawk Display as mentioned below.

In Windows, Navigate to Start --> All Programs --> TIBCO --> Hawk --> Click on Hawk Display icon and it will show you the list of Hawk Agent(s) exist in a domain.

As it is a domain exist in a local machine, So we can see only one Hawk Agent. Right-click on the agent icon and click on GetMicroAgetns, now you can view the the EMS micro-agent as follows :

Now you can write the rulebases to monitor the destinations (Queues and Topics),Server running status..etc on EMS server.

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