Wednesday, November 21, 2018

TIBCO Administration Server start issue with JDBC driver

      An Administrator domain stores domain information in a database repository or file repository, depending on the tranport type. If TIBCO Rendezvous(RV) is set as the transport, you can store domain data in a database repository or file repository. If TIBCO Enterprise Message Service(EMS) is set as transport, you can only store domain data in a database repository.

      For database repository, we provide database connection details during creation of domain and sometimes we may encounter issue with missing of JDBC driver while restarting the TIBCO Administration Server as below :

      To resolve this and to get the TIBCO Administrator Server finds the JDBC driver, do the below configuration :

1. Navigate to "<<TIBCO_HOME>>/administrator/domain/<<DOMAIN_NAME>>/bin" folder

2. Open the tibadmin_<<domain>>.tra file and append JDBC lib folder path to "tibco.class.path.extended" ( at Line number : 48)

3. Restart the TIBCO Administrator Server

NOTE : Here we consider Oracle DB driver to explain this scenario but we can configure JDBC lib directory corresponds to DB used while creating the domain.

To avoid this issue, before creating a domain, make sure to configure JDBC drivers in TIBCO installation as mentioned in below post :

TIBCO Installation - JDBC driver configuration to connect to Database

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