Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Domain Utility - To Add EMS server to a Domain

     TIBCO Domain Utility is installed as part of the TIBCO Runtime Agent(TRA) installation and it is used to create and manage Administration domains and is also used to add the TIBCO EMS server to a domain, so that it can be administered using the TIBCO Administrator GUI as part of TIBCO Administration domain.

Follow the below steps to add EMS server to a TIBCO Administration domain :

STEP-1 : Before adding an EMS server to a domain, Make sure to start the EMS server that is going to add to a domain.
To start EMS server, you can refer to earlier post on : How to start EMS server from command line.

STEP-2 : Start TIBCO Domain Utility on the machine on which the EMS server to be added is running in one of the following ways :

On Windows : Choose Start --> All Programs --> TIBCO --> TIBCO Runtime Agent --> Domain Utility
         Navigate to <<TRA_HOME>>\bin\domainutility.exe

On Unix : Navigate to <<TRA_HOME>>/bin/domainutility

STEP-3 : Domain Utility opens in GUI mode with below list of options.

By using Domain Utility, We can do :

  • Create or delete an administration domain --> As name defines, we can create or delete an administration domain.
  • Add a machine to the administration domain --> We can add a machine which is part of a domain.
  • Modify Server settings --> We can modify server settings like changing transport, database configuration etc.
  • Add or Remove TIBCO administration Plugins --> We can add/remove plugins like TIBCO EMS server in a selected administration domain.

STEP-4 : As shown below, Click on TIBCO EMS Plugin --> Add TIBCO EMS Server and then click Next button.

STEP-5 : Select an administration domain from the drop down list and click OK button and make sure that both TIBCO Administrator and Hawk Agent services corresponds to a domain are up and running and then click on Next button.

       To demonstrate, We have used the domain created in earlier post : TIBCO Administration Domain Creation using Domain Utility in GUI Mode

STEP-6 : Provide the administrator credentials(both username and password) and then click on Next button.

STEP-7 : Next slide describes the machine on which the TIBCO EMS software is installed, Change these values if required and then click on Next button.

STEP-8 : Provide the EMS server details like version(in 3 digit format), full path of EMS executable location, full path of EMS main configuration file, username, password and port details and then click on Next button.

STEP-9 : Next window shows summary of values you provided is displayed. Click on Test button to verify the values. Once the Test connection is successful then click on Next button.

STEP-10 : Final window shows that EMS server is successfully added to a domain and click on Exit button.

STEP-11 : Login to TIBCO Administrator by passing the administrator credentials and monitor the EMS server from the TIBCO Administrator.

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