Monday, November 19, 2018

buildear utility usage in TIBCO BW

      The buildear utility builds an EAR file based on the Enterprise Archive resource that is defined in a TIBCO Designer project. When saving, buildear increments the archive build number and saves it to the project.

      The buildear utility and buildear.tra file are installed in the <<TIBCO_HOME>>\tra\version\bin directory. Navigate to this location through command prompt and run below command by passing required parameters mentioned as below :

buildear -v -s -ear /Deployments/TechsNibApp.archive -o c:\ear\deployment\TechsNibApp.ear -p c:\tibco\projects\TechsNibApp

Summary of options used :

-v     --> Validate the project before creating the archive. Aborts on errors

-s     --> saves the archive as another version in the project

-ear    --> Location of the archive resource present in TIBCO Designer project.

-o     --> Location and name of the output EAR file, make sure EAR file name must use the .ear suffix

-p     --> Location of the TIBCO Designer project where the archive has been created

      If you don't specify '-ear' argument, then tool will create a full project ear packaging all adapters in their own adapter archives and all process definitions in a single process archive. Note this feature is not implemented for packaging other types of archives.

      buildear utility writes log information to the designer.tra file. By default, on Windows, the log is located in the C:\Documents and Settings\user-name\.TIBCO\logs folder and even we can change this default log location in TIBCO designer.

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  1. i have this error,

    Unable to find '/opt/TestBuild/EBPP_CHANNEL_VA_ALL/Deployment/EBPP_CHANNEL_VA_ALL.archive'
    Failed at locating resource at: /opt/TestBuild/EBPP_CHANNEL_VA_ALL/Deployment/EBPP_CHANNEL_VA_ALL.archive


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