Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How to read a resource exists within the BW project | tibcr in tibco bw

       We can fetch any resource exist in bw project by using "Retrieve Resources" activity available in SOAP palette. This we can do it is as follows.

       For example here we create a process to read xsd file(TestData.xsd) available in "SharedResources/Schemas" folder under project root directory. To do this, open the Retrieve Resources activity input tab and configure the "resourcePath" with the location of file as "SharedResources/Schemas/TestData.xsd" and run the process to get the whole xsd in the output tab of the activity.

You can refer the below screenshot for the configuration and execution of process.

Note : While creating deployment please make sure to include referred file(s) in shared archive.

      Apart from this, alternatively we can use below "tibcr://" command to fetch the xsd/xml file within bw project where ever required.

 tib:render-xml(document("tibcr://<<Resource Path>>"))

  • document(<< >>) - used here is an XSLT function which opens an XML document based on URI
  • tibcr:// - used internally inside TIBCO products for RV based communication

Example -  tib:render-xml(document("tibcr://SharedResources/Schemas/TestData.xsd"))

  You can check the below configuration of Mapper activity to pass the above said command and to fetch the xsd file which we considered in the post.

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