Monday, November 21, 2016

Different types of variables in TIBCO BW

There are several types of variables in TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, each with their own purpose and usage. TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks provides the following types of variables:

  • Global Variables
  • Process Variables
  • Shared Variables

Global Variables – These variables allow you to specify constants that can be used throughout the project. The constants can be specified and changed while designing and testing your project. You can specify different values for each deployment of your project.

--> You can define new Global Variables in the Global Variables section of project explorer.

Process Variables – These variables allow you to access various data in your project. For example, there are predefined process variables containing the process ID, project name and other information. You can also create user-defined process variables for containing process-specific data.

--> To assign a value to a user-defined process variable, use the Assign activity. Assign allows you to specify which process variable you wish to modify. You can then specify a new value for the process variable in the input tab of the assign activity.

A Shared Variable is a shared configuration resource in the General Activities palette. There are two types of shared variables.

  • Shared Variables
  • Job Shared Variables

Shared Variables – A Shared Variable resource allows you to share data across process instances. All process instances can read and update the data stored in a shared variable. This type of shared variable is useful if you wish to pass data across process instances or of you wish to set a common set of information available to all process instances.

Job Shared Variable – A Job Shared Variable resource is similar to a Shared Variable, but its scope is limited to the current job. A copy of the variable is created for each new process instance.

--> You can use the Get Shared Variable and Set Shared Variable activities to get/set the data to a shared variables.

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