Saturday, October 1, 2016

BW_GLOBAL_TRUSTED_CA_STORE : Store Certificates Outside of Your Project

      Storing trusted certificates in the project requires you to import any new certificates into the project, So it requires to re-create the enterprise archive file and to re-deploy your project when certificates change or expire. To avoid this problem, you may wish to store your certificates in a folder outside of your project. When certificates change or expire, you can replace certificates or add new certificates and then restart the process engine to load the changes.

To store trusted certificates outside of your project, perform the following procedure :

STEP -1 : Create a folder in your file system in the location where you wish to store the trusted certificates. You must copy this folder to each machine where your process engines are deployed, or the location can be shared network area accessible by all process engines.

STEP -2 : In your TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks project, create a global variable named BW_GLOBAL_TRUSTED_CA_STORE.

STEP -3 : Set the value of BW_GLOBAL_TRUSTED_CA_STORE to location of the trusted certificates folder on your file system. The location can either be same for all deployed engines(that is, you copied it to the same location on each machine or it is a shared network drive, or you deploy the project to the location on the machine where you placed the trusted certificates.

BW_GLOBAL_TRUSTED_CA_STORE=file:///c:/tibco/certs  ---> prefix location with file:///

STEP -4 : Specify a value in the Trusted Certificates field in the SSL configuration dialog.

Note : When the project runs, the value of BW_GLOBAL_TRUSTED_CA_STORE overrides the value you specify with the location you provided.

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