Saturday, February 27, 2016

Failed to open properties file : wrap.tra Adjustment failed. | Encountered while Installing BWAgent as NT Service

Step 1:
Copy executable wrap.exe from <TIBCO_HOME>\tools\wrapper\64\ to <TIBCO_HOME>\bw\6.2\bin\ folder.

Step 2:  make a copy of bwagent.tra and rename it to wrap.tra

Step 3:  Edit wrap.tra file and add below properties.

# For running BW agnet as a windows service BW Agent
ntservice.displayname=TIBCO BW Agent

Step 4:   Use the following command to install BWAgent as NT service in Windows.

C:\<TIBCO_HOME>\bw\6.2\bin> wrap --install

Step 5: Finally run the BW Agent service from windows service control panel(Start-->Run-->services.msc)

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