Monday, January 18, 2016

Unable to build ear when project is greater than 69 size | TIBant build ear error

Sometimes we may encounter below error while building ear from designer or from command prompt by using builear utility or from any automated process like using TIBant.

The ear file could archive up to: 69 MB in size.
Are you sure you want to build it? [y]

This we can solve by adding below property to designer.tra file.<<XY>>

NOTE : where XY is the size in MBs Example: XY=69 or higher based on your project size.

Once added, restart the designer and try to build ear and it works fine.

But if we do it from command line by using buildear utility then it make use of buildear.tra file. So to resolve the issue it requires to add above said property to buildear.tra file before proceeding with building ear.

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