Monday, May 11, 2015

Avoid Substitution Variable in Oracle SQL Developer

Avoid Substitution Variable in Oracle:

Whenever we try to execute a Query/plsql block having ampersand chracter(&) which tells oracle that you want to use a substitution variable. This can be avoided by calling below statement before the query/plsql block.

SQL> SET DEFINE OFFSQL> insert into javanib values(11,'Michle & Clarke'); 1 row created
Example :

Alternatively we can use pipe(||) symbol in your insert statements.

SQL> insert into javanib values(11,'John &'|| ' Scena'); 1 row created.
Example :

or disable scanning for substitution variables entirely:

SQL> SET SCAN OFFSQL> insert into javanib values(12,'Rajini & Kanth'); 1 row created.
Example :

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