Thursday, December 18, 2014

ASG - Starting Configuration Server GUI

Configuration Server GUI provides to configure an Endpoint Operation for TIBCO API Exchange Gateway. Below are the list of steps to start server in GUI mode.
  • Open a window and navigate to <ASG_HOME>/bin directory.
  • Start the Config UI as follows:
       On windows platform, type the following command on a command prompt:
       On UNIX platform, type the following command on a terminal window:

  • Open a browser window and enter the following URL:
  • Now you can see Login page in UI and enter the required credentials Username and Password.
        Username: admin
        Password : admin

  • Ensure the following default project configurations are displayed under Projects panel: 
         - Default 
         - GetLocation
         - BookQuery
         - BookQueryWSS
         - Caching
         - APIExchange 
         - ProductQuery etc. 

Some more additional information: 

Changing Host, Port and Login details:

The values for Host, Port, Username and Password are configured in the <ASG_HOME>/bin/asg-configui.tra file. By default, the values are shown as follows.


As per the requirements we can update these settings by editing asg-configui.tra file and restart GUI server using asg-configui executable to reflect these changes. 

NOTE: Take a backup of asg-configui.tra file before doing any changes.

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